Diversified FIRM

excelling in multiple industries

FTA Community, is a diversified company providing renewable energy solutions, executing construction projects, managing mining operations, trading commodities, and offering expert business advisory services.

Our Services

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Consultancy and Advisory Services

Our Business Advisory service offers expert guidance and analysis to help your business make informed decisions and achieve growth.

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Diamond Mine Engineering & Processing

From mine planning and design to advanced processing techniques, we ensure efficient extraction and meticulous processing.

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Dam Construction Projects

We design sustainable dams to meet water demand, comply with regulations, and reduce environmental impact.

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Renewable Energy

Harness the power of the wind with our comprehensive range of wind renewable energy services

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Mine Equipment Planning & Supplies

The company provides planning services and supplies equipment for mining operations.

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We specialize in sourcing and trading a wide range of commodities, ensuring seamless global supply chains


committed to driving sustainable development

At FTA Community, we are committed to driving sustainable development by harnessing renewable energy, building resilient infrastructure, promoting responsible mining practices, and advocating for environmentally conscious solutions, ensuring a better future for generations to come.”

We Follow Best Practices

We prioritize quality and professionalism, follow industry best practices, and stay up-to-date with trends to deliver consistent, excellent results and build long-term relationships.